Top 10 Reasons to drink Craft Beer

10. A real person made the beer that you are sipping with the same enthusiasm that you are drinking it.

9. Brewing can be not only a science but also an art. Style matters.

8. All beer is not created equal. Craft beers have taste and aromas.

7. Drinking a beer because it is "hip" has nothing to do with beer. Forget the bottle, drink the beer. Hip is not a flavor last time we checked.

6. Live beer rocks! Craft beer is not pasteurized therefore the brew is alive and kicking inside the bottle. Fresh beer is the bomb. You'll taste the difference. Word.

5. Industrial brewers (all of the brands advertised with zillion of dollars so that you can actually tell them apart) spill more beer in a day than a craft brewer makes in a year. Reward the people that care about what you drink.

4. Chocolate, blueberry,raspberry, nuts. my beer? Don't knock it, try it. You'll be blown away by what beer makers are coming up with these days. Creativity is alive!

3. Beer is as good with food as wine. Craft beers provide the variety of styles to match any food from "lechon asado" to "mofongo".

2. Light? You must be kidding . Who came up with that? We dig the fewer calorie bit but not the light in flavor thing. Try a wheat beer for a fewer calorie experience that will rock your world.

1. Life is too short to drink the same beer all the time.


Included are some of the reasons why craft beer and its brewers is so special. My favorite reason is "Life is too short to drink the same